Why do college girls go for "hot" guys over "cute" guys?

Im not sure of how to say it but most college girls go for hot guys and not cute guys, what I mean is I'm in a friend group that go to college parties and my friend is "the sexy guy in the party" and I'm "the most romantic guy in the room, aka hot and cute.

now I put in the time to talk to everyone and girls are into me but once my friend smiles (this is not made up) there are draw to him like a shepherd calling his sheep.

My friends are college pigs or stupid frat boys, we like to drink party and have fun.

is there any reason or way to keep girls into me when my friend walks into the room or am I screwed
"My friends *are not* college pigs or stupid frat boys, we like to drink party and have fun.

---sorry its 2am


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  • Girls are drawn like magnets to a guy who exudes confidence, which is displayed mostly when he smiles. That devilish (or maybe better described as a devil-be-damned) smile drives girls, like me, completely wild. That being said, I'm not one of those girls who goes to a party looking for a random hookup, so if he has nothing to offer intellectually or romantically, I'm out.

    Maybe you need to show more interest in one particular girl or show more confidence in yourself? Honestly, if I saw you talking to every girl at the party without any clear preference, I'd either think you weren't interested or were a player.


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  • The problem is not you, the problem is the girls. If you're hanging out with frat boys, chances are the girls drawn to them are shallow, "sorority" type girls, who at this point are just looking to party and have sex.


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