Hair style advice for balding males.

I'm starting to lose my hair at 22. Its not so bad as you can see my head but my hairline has slightly gone back and I'm thinning. My question is when should I just call it quits and shave my head. I love my hair and I really don't want to lose it but I'm totally OK with it and know its kinda part of life. The thing is I've never had my head shaved. The shortest I've ever had it was 2 inchs long. I'm just worried about sunburn on my bald head and looking funny because of the tan line... Any guys with advice? Also girls honestly if a guy has a shaved head do you look at him differently?


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  • Theres nothing wrong with a receding hairline, lots of guys have them and I think they look fine. I think once you can noticeably start seeing your hair through the scalp, that when you should shave. I don't think you should shave it off completely, but just so that there's only a couple of millimetres of hair there, I'm not sure what that type of cut is called. You could also do the same with your beard so you have your beard and hair at the same length, I find this a really good look on guy, even if they're balding. So don't shave it off completely, maybe just like this:


    This is good cause the beard goes with the hair and makes him look hot as. You should do this if you can pull it off and I think it would suit most guys. I don't think you should take your hair completely off though.


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