Cute vs. pretty - what's the difference?

cute vs. pretty - what's the difference and which would you prefer?


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  • cute = awwww, she looks adorable. I just want to hug her, like a baby puppy.

    hot = raw sex appeal, I want to hookup asap

    pretty = mix of the 2

    • and preference? / which is it better to be?

    • cute vs hot has a lot to do with how you dress and act.

      you can dress certain ways that look cute, and combine that with acting more shy/innocent, you can get the cute look going.

      or you can dress hot/sexy/semi revealing, more makeup, and act more forward and confident, and come across as hot

      sometimes its better to be cute, sometimes its better to be hot. I like both

    • Yeah, I have to agree with his answer. He got it correct. Marrryyyy, you're one of the few girls around who can get away with a mouth-breather look. This puts you far above cute and just pretty.

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What Guys Said 1

  • preety for sure...


    ...preety=looking beautiful ,good


What Girls Said 1

  • Cute is adorable. Sometimes girls that guys describe as cute are actually pretty too, just not very sexual looking, or very young or innocent looking.

    Pretty-very attractive and good looking, not as "aww" as cute but not just skanky or walking sex.

    I prefer pretty and that's what I generally have gotten from guys lately so I'm glad.


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