How can I look better?

I don't think my looks are good enough to attract women, what can I improve ?


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  • i think you're pretty hot

    • no way lol, average at best

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    • ah but guys love a good mystery :)

    • lol touche, :)

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  • What are you on about? I actually think your quite attractive! And to be honest, I'd be far too intimidated by a guy that was excessively good-looking. Kinda like some guys are intimidated by the really attractive girls.

    Just be comfortable in your own skin and have confidence in yourself because they say confidence makes a man more attractive.

    Hope that helps! :)

    • thanks :) but I don't think I'm attractive enough to actually intimidate girls lol

    • Well that's a good thing from your perspective! Just have a little faith and patience! :)

  • I don't know... I think you're attractive. But I would hope that you're not looking for a girl who would only approach you because of your physical appearance.

    • of course not,but its the looks that they see first

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    • I don't understand why they wouldn't. They should, because I'm sure they're missing out on a really great, interesting guy.

    • aw thanks =]

  • you have a very attractive face (because that's all I can see) :)

    in terms of improvement there is nothing much you can do for the face because you're a guy! but trust me, you don't need to!

    If you really wanna improve, start working on your bod and going to the gym and building muscle :P

    i like your hair but you might wanna remove the hair on the forehead its weird lol maybe cut it?

    I don't even know lol you can't even see your headddddd :)

    • hair on forehead? you mean the bangs? lol

  • Perhaps you should take the hoodie off...that would be a start

    If you don`t think your looks are good enough then you have to dress to impress, people notice what your wearing all the time

    • lol I don't always wear a hoodie xD

    • oh thank god, you had me worried you were one of them thugs LOL jk :P

    • hah nah not thuggish at all, more preppy

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