Do guys find a natural dark auburn hair color attractive with pale skin?

A girl with dark red hair passes you , she's 5 ft 7 and her hair is curly. do you think that red hair is attractive or are you against "gingers"?
what ! hahaha , ya in his eyes red heads do get the job done ! I can't believe that! I don't really know or listen to his music , but lol I will now ! haha


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  • No, I LOVE red... To quote Springsteen... "Brunettes are fine, And blondes are fun, but when it comes to getting a dirty job done, it takes a red headed woman" (LOL) NOT that I'm saying redheads are sleazy, just making a joke, but yeah that sounds like she'd look awesome!

    • thats a interesting quote from Springsteen...isnt it strange how much slack girls can get for being a " carrot top " I've come to realize it has a lot to do with jealously.Thanks for the comment it is funny , ever heard of the one " every once in a while a man is entitled to fall madly in love with a red head" hah

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    • Love your answer, I'm a redhead and I'm 5ft 7. I could've written this question. :)

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  • I love them redheads!

  • I f***in love Redheads! they are my favorite!


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  • lol read heads are discriminated against, but I know plenty of guys who think they're hot


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