Do guys like tomboys?

All the guys at my school seem to like the preppy girls (bleached blond and skirts) but what about the girls that play sports and wear t-shirts and jeans with tennis shoes? What do you think of the ones that wear very limited make-up and don't spend hours in the morning poofing up their hair, and instead, just leave it normal?


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  • Way more cute than preppy! I don't think that necessisarily makes you a tomboy, either... I've seen girls dress that way that look EXTREMELY feminine, because they wear flattering clothes! A fitted tee shirt cut for a girl with some cute jeans is very stylish, while a longer, oversized "boyfriend"tee shirt tucked out over the jeans can give you a less defined sillhouette, while still being EXTREMELY feminine & sexy & to a guy, & leave him wondering & guessing at what it DOESN'T show! However, I dated a girl who wore boxy, more boyish cut jeans & tucked all of her shirts tight into them, & while this WAS kind of tomboyish, I thought she was ADORABLE!

    • Not that a tucked in shirt can't look feminine ona girl too... She was 5'2" & tucking large men's size tees into jeans without much shape

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  • There are different types of tomboy looks. On one end, there are those that don't take care of their looks at all. On the other end, there are ones who show some concern for their appearance. Choose the latter and you'll be fighting the boys off.

  • as long as you don't look like you just got out of bed. and as long as you still know your a girl and know how to flirt like one. I could care less what you wear or do. but I gotta feel ya on the flirting thing. if you want to be with me. while I do prefer preppier girls, like I said, I could care less. id much rather have a girl who treats me well etc..than a girl whos too into herself cause she dresses or does certain things a certain way that makes her come off as a bitch

    • I don't go to school just out of bed, and I know how to flirt, but all the guys pass me and the other tomboys off as just 'the best friend' and go for the preppy girls.

    • preference, really. some guys do, some guys dont

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  • in the end, I think the guy will go for the tomboy. as long as she doesn't look like a boy herself. guys don't want some high maintenance girl. guys in high school and college are kinda a joke; all they want is to have sex with the hot girls. but most of my guy friends say they wnt a funny, down to earth girl they can do stuff with. do you really think a preppy girl would spend the weekend camping with her boyfriend? probably not. if you're a tomboy, hang in there. there's nothing wrong with putting in a little effort to your appearance (guys don't like a lot of makeup), but don't turn into a preppy girl because honestly, most of them are sluts.

    • haha! I totally agree with the last statement!

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    • yeah, it probably is. but to be honest, all the preppy girls I've met are slutty. sorry.

    • Hey, things become sterotypical because they're commonplace! If the shoe fits...

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