Can you dye extensions?

i dye my hair black and my extensions are black. I have VERY light eyebrows because of my natural hair color, but blond doesn't look good on me so I wanted to dye my hair lighter so my skin doesn't look so pasty.

can I dye them ?


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  • you can dye HUMAN hair extensions , you can also curl & straighten them but I'm not sure about the synthetic ones

    • yeah they are human ones.

      thanks (:

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    • maybe, but some youtube guru said she washed hers

    • i wash mine every other week just to keep them clean and I've had

      them for over 6 months and they aren't even close to not working well.

      plus I straighten and curl them .

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  • you can dye extensions, lightening then is harder because you are stripping the pigment out of them and the extensions don't have the nutrients that your hair has to get healthy again they also do have the natural oils that your hair gets that is why they start to look bad or warn. if you use a polish on them or a thermal protection product it will help them last longer.

  • I've never had extensions, so I don't know. If I had to guess, I think it would depend on the extensions you are using...


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