What is the difference between calling a girl "Hot"/"Sexy" or "Beautiful"?

Well as females, we seem to think that its better or we'd rather be called beautiful because we feel like it's a better compliment. We feel like being called "hot" or "sexy" aren't as great because we feel like whenever you say that to us, its strictly a lusty attraction && not so much a compliment. So I wanted to know from males, if you do actually have different reasons behind calling a female beautiful or hot/sexy? Are our opinions or theories about the words true or false?


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  • It really doesn't matter. Guys say this stuff because you want to hear it and they want in your pants. Believe me, he wants in your panties and will say what ever you like in order to get there. Just tell him what you like. It can be a total lie, guys don't care.


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  • Why do you feel a lustful compliment is bad? That's what they all are anyways, and if some guy tries to tell you otherwise he's full of sh*t. When a guy sees a girl, he usually immediately is having some type of sexual fantasy about her if he is attracted to her. That's the way men are built so you might as well get over it..

    • Well me personally, I don't really make a big deal about the words. It is what it is. But I asked only because I have some friends who find it offensive when guys only call them sexy or hot. So I was wondering what the big deal was about it, or if there was really a big deal to it, in the first place. How I see it is, its a compliment so its better than not receiving one @ all.

    • Hmm, I think its more or less about how the guy says it rather than the exact words he uses. Maybe your friends are sick of being called sexy or hot in a way that sounds shallow or trashy? That's my guess...

  • My meaning... Hot = she has a very pretty face. Sexy = she has like the total package, good looking, nice body, high sex appeal. Beautiful = kinda the same as sexy but with feelins added to it.


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  • What's the difference?

    I'm pretty sure you're happy whenever a guy calls you either one of the three.

    • I'm just asking this question because I have friends that get offended sometimes when all they get called is sexy or hot instead of being called beautiful or pretty so I wanted to know if it was really as big as a deal as they think it is or that there's no special, different meanings behind those words && that's they are all actually good compliments.

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