What could I change to improve my looks?

Just be brutally honest. Would could I change (anything) to make myself more attractive.
And just so everyoen knows noramlly I'm a super confident guy, just got through a really tough breakup so just looking for pointers to make myself better.


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  • Brutally honest? Okay, you asked for it... Be more confident. Your whole adaptation of "am I pretty?" isn't attractive. But other than that, you seem good! And, you're a brunette :)

    • Lol fair enough just looking for honest opinions :)

    • About the break up, it doesn't mean your ugly/not attractive/whatever. Let me just put it simply: you're not. Sometimes, people just don't click. Be who you are, you don't need anyone else's approval.

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  • You might try man-scaping your eyebrows more if they are too fuzzy, but other than that you look alright to me (no homo).

  • Your pic is messed up

    Do you have nice clothes? Always a start

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    • I race ATV's and cars, either than that its Canada, its -37c outside right now lol. So that explains the beanie

    • ok go dress nice and take another pic =)

      And hey I live in ireland, don't mean I walk around with an umbrella hat hehehehe=)

      And little green eyes is right, confidence is half the man, its what girls are attracted to mostly...im not an excessivley confident guy but have ya ever heard the phrase ''FAKE IT TIL YA MAKE IT''...well this should be your new moto

      Invest in a few NICE shirts ($50 - $80) and keep your hair trimmed

  • Oh ye cut those caterpillers son!

  • Lose the earrings, hat, and dress nice (though I understand it's cold up in Canada). You should have no problem pulling chicks at all.


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