Best way to get rid of dark circles?

i have horrible dark circles and little bags and they're VERY unattractive. anyone know the best way to get rid of them?


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  • Dark circles under your eyes are from burst capillaries (its like a bruise under your eye) and they occur from lack of sleep, stress, and even hereditary issues.

    Using a cool rag will help slightly, but one of my moms tricks is to use preperation H. It calms the inflammation.

    As far as the concealer and foundation comment by the other girl- make sure you put them on in this orcer:



    Finishing powder

    It is important to put concealer on AFTER foundation to create a more even-less cakey look. The less makeup the better because makeup tends to intensify the shadows under your eyes if the "begs" are sunkin in or sticking out.

    I got the makeup tip from a few different magazines and a makeover show. I do it myself because I get dark circles (love the insomnia) and it works pretty well.

    There are also color correctors out there. If the circles are a reddish tint, you apply the green corrector before concealer and if they are more blueish, you use the yellow.


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  • if you are going the concealer route, make sure you use one with a yellow tone, it counteracts the purple in the shadows.

  • You can put cucumber slices, potato slices or cold tea bags under your eyes for 10 minutes everyday and it'll go away. Hopes this works :D

  • Don't stay up late and put something with cold water on them.

  • Using a small amount of foundation that's a few shades lighter than your regular skin tone helps conceal them well. I'm a big fan of CoverGirl myself, I find their makeup blends well and isn't very noticeable.

    As for getting rid of them... ha, I wish I knew. Best you can do is try and sleep more.


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