What are guys opinions about long hair?

Since I was in high school I noticed guys seemed to interested in long hair and was curious about y'all's opinions about the hair. Even if a lot of you don't care why do you this other guys enjoy girls with long hair?
Ok, I know this is a commonly asked questions but what do you think guys?
Thank you guys!


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  • Any way hair is an added beauty for a women in their life,provided they treat fairly.Long hair is like a cascade,free flowing silky hair in thick and bulk attracts most of the artists and naturalists, modern people who looks ofr clubs,parties and nett don't care for natural beauty.Girl is supposed to be the incarnation of nature by poets,as many people like nature with forests and green,dont like deserts to enjoy the nature,Long thick hair with perfumes and pollangrained flowers-jasmin,always evoke the sensation of guys who love nature and natrual beauty,Especially it is a boon to have a long thick hair to a girl all not possible to have,may be this attract guys more.


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  • Lol well at the risk of sounding like an intellectual light weight, I personally like something to grab onto while I'm kissing. Especially if she's really good at it ;) . Sorry no scientific reasoning or "mature" answer from me lol. Hope it helps or at the least amuses you. =)

  • Having long hair in women, I think, shows their feminine side, and that they know how to take care of themselves... I've HAD long hair, so I know how much work it is to deal with split ends, styling, etc.

    Not that I necessarily have anything against girls with short hair... I just usually think they'd look better if they hadn't cut it.

  • I think it's really feminine & pretty, but a girl doesn't HAVE to have long hair to get noticed either... I never knew a guy yet who didn't like long hair, yet not one of them considered SHORT hair a dealbreaker!

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