Am I the only one that thinks this?

Girls who wear make up really intimidate me and most of the time I don't approach them in that case. I find that when a girl doesn't have make up on, she's more approachable and seems more human to me.

I guess it's the fact that girls with make up usually look flawless, and more intimidating
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  • Well know that under the makeup (and honestly even with it), we (at least I am) FAR from flawless! Don't be intimidated- we're still human :)

    • your eyes are mesmerizing though =)

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    • If they need that much makeup to view themselves as pretty, they're probably not very confident, so why would they be intimidating?

    • its the make up lol, its like warpaint o_O

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  • Makeup shouldn't intimidate you- We only use it because we want to highlight our features.

    It's just plain goop on our eyelashes, and color on our cheeks (;

    Do something that scares you everyday/ Do something that you don't usually do.

    What I'm saying is.. Approach a girl with makeup. You'll feel better, and more confident. Promise!

  • Makeup is just an illusion; but I've noticed a lot of girls who wear full makeup (foundation, eye shadow, liner, tons of mascera etc) tend to be kinda bitchy nd arrogant. Not all of them tho.

    Makeup can make girls look incredibly beautiful and perhaps out of your league, but it's just colorful powder.


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  • Good luck finding a girl to talk to.


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