Could he be missing me as more than a friend?

i've a guy friend (who I secretly like but never confessed) I met studying abroad 2 years ago. we became close friends in that yr. after, he came to my home country for few months for study. when he went back to his country he left some possessions (box of mostly clothing) at my place. I offered to post them to him but he said there was no need as they're not that important. in the time we've been apart we've kept in random contact. now, 8 months on he's planning on flying over again (11 hr journey) to retrieve his stuff.

what are people's impressions are of this, do you think he genuinely just wants to get his stuff...or could he..possibly...miss me?! he does have other friends here that he'll probs visit which could also be a reason he's coming. basically am I over analyzing?


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  • hmmmm maybe you should ask him...did you come all this way to get your stuff when I could have shiped it to you? or was it that you missed and wanted to see me


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