Girls, how would you take this? guys, what's the deal?

If your boyfriend of 3 years just out of no where says ''If we make it through this year were getting married if we don't make it through this year then we ain't''. He said it while intoxicated and he has asked me to marry him in a joking way twice like just to see what I would say. He also told me he had a dream we got married and I killed him the next day! He once told my sisters boyfriend right in front of me that he might marry me since I am marriage material BUT, If I ask him is he ever gonna get married he says no.WTF?


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  • I would say he is looking into getting married and is a serious concideration. I know when I am drunk I still have a grasp on what happened, what I said, and what the answer was. Those questions might just be him testing the waters and see if you are for it or against it.

    His dream in my opinion dictates that he wants to get married and is happy to but is worried that you may not want to and deny it and would do anything to get out of it. (Hence you killing him).

    As for talking to the sister's boyfriend that I think that is him just trying to be a bit mocho. That there is him just being a guy. I would ignore that.

    Hope this helped. If it did, please rate it up!


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