I think this guy has a crush on me... wdyt?

There's this guy in one of my classes, anyway he...

always notices if I've changed my makeup

asks if I need any help

always finds an excuse to help me

volunteers to hold doors open for me

always commenting on my clothes.

asks me why I act like he's invisible- kinda cute! ;)

Tells me I'm adorable

comments on my makeup saying its looks nice and says "you don't usually wear it like that"

Kinda has wide eyes when he talks to me,

Oh yeah the other day he was like "do you always wear that bracelet, I've never seen you without it on!" - I didn't think guys noticed this sorta stuff!

purposely carries my stuff up three flights of stairs, just to be nice..

asks me if I've got a cold,

sighs when he looks at me

always finding excuses to talk to me,

always shocks me when he stands behind me and I don't notice he's there

stays behind ten minutes after class, even when he has another lesson just because I am...

Im starting to get the feeling that I know the answer, so, wdyt?


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  • He sounds like a sweet guy legitimately interested in you. I would say it is a safe bet to try and go out with him even if it is just for a trial run.

    Try a private lunch. Lunch is not formal like dinner and not uncomfortable like breakfast or coffee.

    Just don't get his hopes too far up because he seems like somebody that can call the best day of his life if he finds a 5$ bill. Let alone have a mini-date.

  • I think you already know the answer to that. I didn't think you needed that many clues to realize it by now haha.

    Go for it!

    Good Luck!


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