How to tell if a girl is attracted to me?

Just as the title says. Another thing for those guys who are good with girls, what do you do when you want to pick up a girl that doesn't show attraction?


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  • i like a guy and I'm not stalking him or anything but put it this way, every time he turns round in class he knows I'm looking at him, also I smile while looking in his general direction, if he smiles back at me I take that as a good sign, but can I ask you, what do you do when you like a girl?

    • I will tend to look at her a lot and then eventually go up to her and ask her out.

    • kk thanks

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  • she'll get giggly or look at you...a lot.

    if she's with friends, she may try to speak louder or try make herself known so you she gets your attention

  • She will give you looks when your not looking

    Trust me you can see while not lloking at her like from the side of your eye

    Or she try to talk to a lot while your around but not to you and she might look down to


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