Guys what do you look for in a long term partner?

What qualities do you want in a long term girlfriend both physical and personality etc and what age would you consider settling down? :)


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  • in my point of view, matured guys will usually prefer ladies that are mature in their thinking, able to take care and love the family, not those playful type that likes to wander around everyday.. I discourage drink and smoking as well.. but for me I would prefer my partner to be maybe 1 to 3 years older than me...


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  • 24 because from being a teen to adult hood you want experience things and have fun till you really take responsibility or you'll see that having the same partner gets boring fast so get all your fun out then settle down and as a guy I would love an honest girl who supports everything I do I wouldent care how she looks like because as long as I know she loves me I love her too

  • Some one who is fun, loving, confident, secure, open, honest and importantly knows how to communicate.

    Looks obviously are important but not in the traditional sense, It's good to know someone can take care of themselves physically as well as mentally. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • I personally have an idea of the perfect girl for me, but it's more of a feeling, the details about her looks and personality can very, I try to like all kinds of people in general so I guess you could call me open minded about that kind of stuff, you got to have that feeling though, I wouldn't even know how to explain it in words. Age doesn't matter too much, its more like how close I am to the person, it's not like I would want to rush into settling down too early though either.


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