What do you ladies think of this guy?

So I have this friend. He has been homeless for a little over a year due to this economy. He has a car, not the greatest but it runs alright, He has a job, bathes, not everyday of course but enough to not be dirty. You would never know this guy was homeless to look at him.

Even his job has no clue. Anyway, he's a very strong willed person, even though his life hasn't been great he will still smile at you and tell you everything is fine. Doesn't seem like anything could bring him down. Although he does admit he gets lonely. His family doesn't really care that he sleeps in his car, but they let him do laundry and stuff. If you were to offer him a couch at your place he would just smile, turn you down, and tell you that he's been through worse, and he'll be just fine.

So to the point, my question is, do you think he could find a descent companion? Would you be willing to give him the chance? He asked me this and honestly I don't have an answer to that because I don't know. Be honest please. It may hurt his feelings to know that odds aren't very good, but he's a survivor.


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  • herre's the deal... all guys "know" cash and a great car, etc etc makes him more attractive...

    and ALL women have learned to say "oh no, I just like a guy that makes me laugh, treats me well, I don't care about anything else" *lies*

    there was a special on TV about relationships, and they tool guys pictures and shoed them on the street hundreds of times, remarkably... when all they knew was his LOOK, all the guys got more o less the same "1-10" ratig, + or - 1

    They took a solid "9" guy... and lied at the bottom to say he worked at walmart, and made 10k a year... MAGICALLY, he became a 2-3 "rating"

    I mean, HMMMMMMMM... you know?

    they took a total loser guy, rating of 2-3... and they listed job and income at bottom with "250,000+ a year, owns his own software company"

    MAGICALLY, he was a 7-9 all of a sudden... and you could SEE the girls eyes go all "dreamy" live on camera.

    thats why young men lie about great jobs and stuff, and figure out ways to fake it. IT GETS YOU LAID

    women are "hardwired" to respond to a "good provider" for their children. This USED to be a big strong aggressive guy, that could feed you while hunting. In modern society, this has turned into INCOME.

    thats the reality.

    I actually lived in my CAR for almost a year to finish out the last year of my second degree at my university, lol... BUT, I already had an old lady that was a lawyer *shrugs*

    I didn't get a lot of "advances" because everyone knew I wasn't well off, and I was working and paying for school... MAGICALLY, like a magic wand was waved? When I graduated with high honors? And everyone knew I had a plum job waiting for me?

    LIKE A MAGIC WAND WAS WAVED... (I passed, and even made fun of one I actually liked)

    you didn't like me in my car? You now don't get to like me on my new harley, right? LMAO I just stayed with my regular girl.

    PS - your friend is doing the right thing. welfare and handouts is no the answer. When your hungry, it gives you energy and imagination to become more successful.

    • You two would get along great lol. He refuses the food stamps and welfare as well. Says all he's got to worry about is him. Let the people who have children have it. I'm going to have quote your P.S. to him. I bet he'll like it. Thanks much!

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  • Why doesn't anyone offer to rent out a room for him? You said his family had a room for him, why don't they rent it out to him with a monthly rent?

    • No clue. They were always really cool people. He had moved away from here for a few years and when he came back, they were just different. Maybe they are just getting old and senile, or just bitter.

    • no matter, family is family!

  • Please help this dude find a room!

    • I try but he wants to do it on his own. No hand outs as he puts it lol. He's crazy, but there's not a more loyal friend I have ever seen.

    • Well he sounds like a great guy...watch Will Smith's the pursuit of happiness and tell this guy anything is possible!

  • Just to know that he isn't just doing nothing is a positive. If he was to assure the girl that he was at least trying to get back on his feet he shouldn't have a problem. I'm curious as to why his family can just stand back and let his live in his car. If it was me I would take the chance to get to know him, see where things go from there.

    • I don't get it either. They have the room. He's been in his car so long that sometimes they offer him to stay for a night and he tells em no. I asked him why he turns them down. He said because he won't do it out of sympathy. He refuses to tell people his situation because he doesn't want to be treated differently. I think it's messed up but you gotta give it to him for being able to deal so well.

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