Girls...Describe traits that you love to see in a guy...THANKS!

I always here a guy with a nice smile and eyes are a killer. Is that true? and why? A guy with style is attractive too?

Also a guy who's independent at some things is attractive. For instance a guy who loves fitness and working out, or is a musician, or has a heart for surfing.

Confidence is of course a big deal when it comes to attraction to a male. I guess a guy who is comfortable in his own skin is attractive?

Tell me what you think girls! Just put some characteristics of "a guy" down that makes you think twice about a guy! Thanks!


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  • "I always here a guy with a nice smile and eyes are a killer. Is that true?"

    Well personally I think any smile is a nice smile and the same goes for eyes. Heck I've never seen anyone with erm, not nice eyes? :-0

    "A guy with style is attractive too?"

    Yes! It's really embarrassing when you're all nicely dressed and then the guy is all sloppy in his sweatpants. He should smell nice, wear clothes that would seem appropriate for the occasion and clothes must always be clean! A nice style is always appreciated cause us gals are always interested in fashion and looking good, so we expect guys to at least look the part.

    "a guy who's independent?"

    Yes yes ! Very attractive, as long as it's just not a obsession and he doesn't take up all his time on that one thing it's all good.

    "comfortable in his own skin is attractive? "


    characteristics of "a guy" ?

    1. I like guys who are caring. Not like grandmotherly caring but it's always always nice to just have a guy notice when you're feeling a bit down or asking about something that has happened. I think guys assume if they do this they seem to soft but all girls like sweet caring guys.

    2. I love it when a guy has gentleman manners. Like opening the door of the car or any of those classic stuff. I like feeling like a lady :-)

    3. I like it when a guy doesn't try and play these mind games. They should be honest and just open. I don't like wasting my time and if you like me, tell me directly and get it over with.

    4. I love seeing a guy who is a good talker. Someone I can have a good conversation with about anything and everything and we can have a great time while at it. It shouldn't be just making out, sex and all that stuff the entire time. Talking is a very important part. I want a best friend and a lover.

    • Incredible answer! You were so detailed. Thank you very much for your answer!

    • Great answer! You sound like a great girl.

    • lol thanks. Afterwards I was thinking "wow, was it really that much that I just typed". It didn't feel that long. But it's a pleasure. I was just being honest.

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  • nice eyes & smile are definitely the first think that I notice on a guy.. so they're very important features. I guess it's because it's what we'll be looking at the most. independence is very attractive, it shows that he doesn't need to depend on people for stuff. and confidence is key :p

    the guy could be adverage looking, but if he has confidence he could be the most attractive guy out there. having the ability to make a girl laugh is also very important!

  • ok so for me its a guy who looks more like a man than a little kid, but I'm 16 so that's prob why haha, I also like a guy who will make me feel sure of myself and be almost protective of me, a guy who is spontaneous, loving and has a smile to die for! the guy who sits in class smiling at me for a while till he gets the courage up to speak to me, the one who asks my friends about me and the one who watched me before deciding he likes me, he doesn't have to dress nice but be clean and respect me, but above all I guess all I would want from a guy is for him to be around his friends yet still point me out and say 'thats my girlfriend' !

    i know my list seems long but I take them as they come, if they seem nice that's good but we can't always help who we are attracted to!

  • intelligence, honesty, hate guys who get pissed all the time, I like a guy who respects himself and a smile is worth a 1000 words

  • Looks. Most important things are eyes, smile and arms. I like freckles truly much. And the clothes. I hate baggy shorts. But well fitted and ripped jeans matched with a t-shirt or a shirt and nice shoes is the best combination. I'm also mad about sunglasses and hats.

    Personality. A guys who is carrying and makes you feel special. Also has good manners like gentleman. I'm into bad boys so the perfect one Kevin Volchak from The O.C. This is good the guy to have purpose in his life and to know his price. This is too important that he is confident but not overconfident because that's annoys me. He has to stand his ground no matter what.


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