I fell for a guy who isn't overly attractive to others. How do I know if he is just nervous or if he likes me?

the guy I like isn't attractive. he's very popular and got a great personality which is what I fell for. The more I get to know him the more and more attractive he gets to me. my closest friends no I like him and always say he's not very attractive but that doesn't bother me. I'm and OK looking girl and guys say that I'm attractive but just wondering the guy knows I like him and acts super awkward and avoids me like I have the plague now. could it be cause he's not interested or cause he's just nervous and could feel the same way. how do you know?


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  • why not go up to him and start conversaton, take advantage of his shyness...you know its not always the guy taht has to do everything. When girls come up to me, its extremely attractive, it shows confidence and its really attractive. Just like you girls like, we like the same kind of thing, its 2011, the guy doesn't have to be the first every time...

    if you start to make conversation he'll feel less weird or awkward around you, make him feel comfortable, do things together, socially, in groups. That way there's no awkward silence or feeling pressured to impress you.

    i wouldn't suggest a movie or anything, the first couple of dates should be getting to know one another better...a movie is just silent and sitting next to one another can feel awkward esp if you have never done it before...just do something fun and social and interactive...go karts, putt putt, water park, anything where you two can talk but still have fun and joke.

    take things slow! hope this helps, gl


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  • sounds like he's shy and not too familiar with girls.

    you might have to step up and be a little more direct. not that you have to spill all your feelings, or anything. but you might have to ask him to hang out or see a movie or something.

    think of yourself as one of those people at an airport who waves the glowing wands to guide the plane on the runway: "come this way! come this way!"


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  • If he's not too attractive, and guys consider you attractive it could be that he's intimidated and thinks you're "out of his league". But there's only one way to make sure he knows that you like him and that's to TELL him!


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