Guys! What sort of style do you find attractive on girls??

Guys! What sort of style are you and what do you find attractive on girls? do you like the unique different ones, the conservative ones, the tatted ones etc etc!

details please! just curious!


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  • I guess I'm somewhat conservative & lately I've been really digging a conservative style on corporate dress code clothes (skirt+blouse+blazer= hot!). Tattoos are a turnoff for me as are smoking, drugs, the whole 'bad girl' image in general. Corporate dresswear signifies 'intelligence', 'success', and 'a good work ethic'...all hot traits in a woman.

    • You dislike the "bad girl" image yet you call yourself "rocksongwriter"?

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    • Give the guy a break. You can't generalize guys based on what their name is on here or that they happen to like a particular kind of music.

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  • I like numerous styles... A tee shirt & jeans or something casual is cute, & dressed up - like a skirt or a dress & blouse - is feminine & pretty... having the blouse tucked in with something like that, maybe with a blazer or a nice jacket, can look classy like you wer a secretary or something professional... VERY SEXY! I especially like outfits that show a woman's curves & waistline or flatter it, but if the girl feels confident & feels like she looks cute, she'll look fine in whatever!

  • My style is plain,sporty, and sometimes expressive. I like women that are classy or conservative. In other words women like Lauren Conrad and Cassadee Pope.

  • I just like girly girls really. With a feminine, sophisticated style


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