What do you do with all the old clothes your ex got you?

I was with my ex for a very long time. It's been awhile since we broke up and the one thing I hate are my clothes. She had gotten a lot of clothes for me. My entire wardrobe was basically picked out by her! Slowly I've been getting rid them. I never thought I would be happy when a good ralph lauren shirt comes out of the wash with bleach stains all over it! lol

I obviously couldn't throw away all my clothes at once because then I wouldn't have anything to wear. What do you do with the clothes your ex had gotten you?


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  • Same boat as you except I gave her all those clothes back. The break up his me hard so anything that reminded me of her was a bad thing. She was upset, but I didn't care: She didn't ask me for my feelings when she started a relationship with another guy a day after she left me.


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  • Whats wrong with being naked? LOL, ok seriously donate them, give them to someone who could use them, good will, salvation army, a friend, nephew, who ever just get rid of them! Thus, you will be forced to get new clothes, because you are a new person (so to speak) now, and do you really need the daily reminder of her around? personally I would not, all depends I guess. Good Luck

  • eh. they are clothes. I have soo much jewelry that my ex gave me. amounting in thousands . I'm not throwing it away! some of the jewelry I wear everyday. I choose to forget my ex got them for me.

    i wouldn't think about it. or if it bothers you that much.give them away to big brother and big sisters. you get a tax deduction I think.

    • Yeah but there was this girl I was interested in on the interenet... I figured I would cut all the clothes up and make a quilt-of-love for her.

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    • Now thanks to you I have a bump on my head...ha

    • Nice job dumbass lol

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  • they do make good wipe rags . =) you know to wipe down your hands with greasy oil .whipping down mess ect.