Bad kisser? treated wrong? break up?

is there such thing as a bad kisser? me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 2 months, and he says its weird when I accidentally kiss part of his chin. its like, at school, a quick hug, then I quickly kiss him. so its not a big deal? but guys mention everything. and another thing is. he never calls me pretty, cute, beautiful, NOT anything. he doesn't pay attention to me, and is barely talking to me now. ever guy I've talked with, or dated does this. I feel like NO ONE has feelings for me. I think my boyfriend wants to do stuff, like oraly etc, but I'm afraid. ill do it, but all of his friends but in, and have to know everything he's doing. they have no right knowing our business. AND lastly, it seems like he's embarassed of me. he doesn't want to be with me around his friends, because "they give him sh*t" should I break up with him? give me tips and advice!


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  • it shouldn't matter if one of you can't kiss, there is no such thing as a bad kiss! My boyfriend was with his friends when he asked me out for the first time, when he met me even. I once had a crush on a guy who used to treat me the same as your boyfriend is. We never went out because he was mormon and he didn't feel like standing up for me... hell he never tried to talk to me after I confessed I had a crush on him, he was an ego jerk who didn't care about sh*t. Funny thing was that I'm going out with one of his older friends. My boyfriend always gets me sweet things, even if their a little tacky, because he knows I'm pretty eccentric and tacky retro. He always picks me before his friends, but I always insist he go have guy time with his friends. His friends say we're the perfect match and help me out when my boyfriend isn't around to. Like this girl took my book in the morning and I couldn't get it back, then one of his friends got it back for me because my boyfriend wasn't around to... he always gets to school a little late. Confront him about it... don't forget the 1st rule of relationships... especially known from girls... Comunication! Me and my boyfriend have a great relationship because we talk about anything and everything! Even when he gets boners and when I get emotional because of my period! Comunicate with this boy! If he's fine with his friends knowing everything then I would have the slight suspision that your hot and that's all he's interested in... your bod... a lot of guys are dumb like this! I even caught my boyfriend looking somewhere he shouldn't have... ^_^ talk to him... me and him have been going out for 5 months! Comunicate (sp? ah who cares, you can read it!) Good luck! A guy pressuring you into that stuff is not worth your time... my boyfriend always asks me if he goes to far. This guy to my suspision is in it for your looks and not your bod. Talk to this jerk and if he yells in your face then you yell back! Girls are not the weak ninnies that those soap opera's portray! GIRL POWER! Comunicate with him!


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  • If every guy you've dated seems to be doing this... then I'd find a better group of guys to befriend.

    It also sounds like you have some self-esteem issues. The only thing I can suggest to make you feel better... seeing how I don't know you or the relationship... is having a heart-to-heart with your boyfriend. Tell him your concerns, and if he isn't respectful or is a complete jerk to you then it's time to move on and find someone who fits you better.

    • i agree that I have some self esteem issues. its because my parents put me down on everything I do. so that's probably why. and my so called "boyfriend" takes everything as a joke.

    • I see... well let him know where you stand. If he can't be serious for two minutes, then tell him to hit the door.

  • Yes- Break up with him! He doesn't appreciate you! If he really liked you he would spend time with you and tell his friends to f*** off when they talk about you.


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