What is the high rated lunch that a girl can make for a guy?

When I make my boyfriend lunch it is usually just boiled eggs and a soda... I need something for my itallian and mexican food loving boyfriend... and I need to be able to bring it to school. And some ideas for dinner would be great too he is over at my house a lot.


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  • make your lunch look something like this link

    make pasta



    garlic bread

    do it yourself taco stuff

    rice and beans

    garlic bread

    • omg that is soooooooo cute! But don't forget that this lunch has to go through about 3 hours with out going cold... and where I am it is 52 degrees at night and about 57 degrees in the day. And I guess I should practice my pasta... my parents will like me practicing... for some reason... I can't enjoy my own cooking... even when my family asks for seconds

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    • i live in connecticut ughh I wih it was summer already

    • after a very big snowwy winter we all are... we all are

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  • I would suggest a japanese bento lunch box like what YoBootyStank suggested in the link (be warned, they take a good amount of time to make a nice one and I doubt you could make one right before going to school, but they can be eaten cold) but you said he likes italian and mexican food...i got nothing on that, sorry lol.

    Good Luck!

    • yeah... he hates asian food... but the idea of a bento is a good idea... its funny that he hates asian food when I'm asian... or 1/4th... but according to the law I'm asian and not white... even if I don't look asian.

    • I'm asian and my girlfriend is white, I would love to make her lunch for her even though I'm a horrible cook but we don't go to the same school :/ Best of luck with your meal packing adventures!

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  • maybe a canolli, with some stuffed mushrooms and baked ziti, lasagna, spaghetti ~ italian

    tamales, poc-chuc, tortilla chicken wraps, bread pudding, creamy flan, crajeta ~ mexican


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