Do guys like eyeliner on girls?

All I wear is eyeliner on the medium side and foundation/concealer sometimes mascara.

I have green eyes and fair skin.

1-Do guys find this attractive or eewwww?

Was watching TV with my bros college friends and they saw a mascara commercial and where like "I don't see why girl wear mascara, it just looks odd."

2- do all allot of guys feel this way?


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  • In all honesty if I see two girls who were twins one wearing makeup and the other not I'm more likely to find the one without makeup attractive. To me the concept of makeup is kind of lost but I guess that's just me, I just see it as trying to hid something and not having it makes a person seem more open

    • Even if it is just to enhance your natural appearance? I love having green eyes, I like to line them so guys are more likely to notice.

  • 1 - that's the only kind of makeup I like

    2 - have no idea


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  • they won't find putting on makeup a turn-on if that's what you're asking.

    they don't like the concept of makeup, but in reality pretty much every girl looks better with some makeup on and some guys know this too. they will find it odd in a commercial, especially because mascara commercials usually show a lot of heavy makeup, and to them the concept is just strange. it's like exposing our secret ritual where it should not be seen ;)

    all in all, it is fine to wear makeup as long as it isn't very heavy. if guys don't comment that you wear a lot of makeup and tell you that you're attractive, they probably don't notice, because it blends in enough.

    the key is enhance, not change. if you look like a ghost or a different person without your makeup, you probably wear too much. if you don't look that different without it, just a bit paler, you are probably good.


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