Why do I attract old guys?

I feel like my whole life I've met guys that just weren't right for me. I am always hit on by old guys and I like older guys but only in their 20's I'm 18 not like a guy in his 40's-50's. I thought it was the way I dress and act but I don't think I act very old you know. I'm a bit of a reserved person I don't really act like a typical teenage girl usually acts ha ha I always meet people and they are like "you're not from around here are u/ I would never have guessed you're only 18 seriously wow" haha. It's just my personality I'm a really chill girl and I don't really strive to have too much attention and be super loud and act crazy which is ironic because I usually get attention not asking for it. Anyway I've tried to dress younger but I still like looking like a woman and not a little kid but it's not like I wear suits I dress a lot like Jessica Beale does in fact she's one of my style icons. I just don't know why I attract so many old guys and hardly anyone my age comes to talk to me they just stare at me a lot but never approach me. What is the reason? How can I change it? P.S. I'm sick of hearing the oh when a guy looks at you look at him for a second then look away, then look back it never works for me I think I look dumb and I'm a bit shy so I can barely smile and look like I smelled something rotten.


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  • I agree with "some girls just have that look" answer below (best answer)

    I also know that you get some of this without trying.

    Perhaps you try to put a little "english"/spin on that ball?

    Suggest you stare at the ones you'd like to try and ignore, even act irritated & rushed with the ones to avoid.


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  • You probably attract them because you are attracted to them. I bet the younger guys don't interest you as much.

    • I like guys my age but honestly just a little older I don't like guys my Dad's age haha. I think people 30 and above are qualified as old just to me haha. I like mostly guys in their 20's.

  • do you have a problem with younger guys?


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  • Some girls just have that "look" older guys like, as long as it isn't the trophy wife look and is the sophisticated girl look, it's fine. I find that older guys tend to like the "foreign"/"exotic" look, plus if you look older that would explain it too. lots of men who are 40s or 50 delude themselves by thinking they can get a girl who is like 25. keep dreaming, men.


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