I'm looking for a more adventurous hairstyle, any ideas?

I have thin hair a inch and a half or so past my collarbones and a long straight shaggy fringe though. I'm sick of it, though! So I'm looking for ideas on a new hairstyle. I'm willing to take a risk and try something different as long as it doesn't compromise my length since I've worked hard to get it to where it is now. :)

Pictures, descriptions, whatever: tell me what you like, give me ideas on what to cut it like. And thanks.


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  • Maybe color it a bit? Like, if your hair is black, put some red coloring in some places. Or if your hair is brown, try making it a dirty blond color. Or, make your hair dark blue! That'd be awesome :D

    Or just try a new style like a ponytail, or braided. I prefer my other ideas, though.

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