What should I say to him next?

I met a guy about 2 weeks ago our best friends are going out and they brought me and him with them. When I first saw him I thought he was so cute. And turns out he thinks I'm really cute. I ended up getting his number from his friend and I started texting him. The one time he texted me back we met up and had a really good time (well I thought we did) but I texted him the next day saying hey what up? And the day after that hey what's going on? He hasn't texted me back at all :( I don't know any more should I text him or have my friend say something in passing about me? Or just give up :(


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  • Look first you have to find out if the guy is aware that you texted him

    or if he's okay, if he is then find out why he hasn't texted you back I mean he should at least the have the decency to tell you what's wrong . If it doesn't work out just move on I'm sure your gorgeous and it's his lost .

  • Don't text him, have your friend pass something about you and see what happens. Judging by what he says you will know to move on or not.


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