How can I get my hair to grow faster?

Just a simply simply question.

Are there any tips, thank you.


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  • Cut some from the bottom and they should grow more. Do this monthly. Cut about a 1/4 of your index finger off. The more you cut them the more they will grow.


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  • If I knew I wouldn't be going bald :-(


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  • Make sure to tak eall of your vitamins (If you are having any health problems or suffering from any nutritional deficiencies, your hair may stop growing or show damage), eating certain foods will help (walnuts are an example), too much stress will decrease hair growth also. Basically eat right, exercise, reduce stress, avoiding smoking and caffeine, rest often, and gets lots of sleep are some easy things to change.

    You can also get rid of spilt ends by getting it trimmed regularly, treat it carefully, avoid hot water and heated styling tools, get a weekly scalp massage, and do a series of ongoing hot oil treatments to increase hair growth. Just treat your hair well.

    It's a lot of work, but it really does work. Hope this helps! :D

  • First off, no hot tools! No blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron, or anything else of the sort. If you damage you hair, it will start to break off. It will grow, yes, but it won't get any longer. Second, use either a soft bristle brush or comb. Do NOT use one of the brushes with the plastic ballpoint bristles. They will rip your hair to shreds. Keep they ends trimmed, so that you do not have many split ends. If your hair is kind of fuzzy at the tips, get a trim. And last but not least, just stay healthy. If you are ill, your body isn't working 100%. If your not healthy, your hair will most likely not be either.


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