What is your stereotypical thoughts of a cute guy?

Your stereotypical thoughts with a list of pros and cons


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  • pros: just because he's cute... my friends might think I have a hot boyfriend

    cons: just because he's cute I might preassume that he has had a lot of girlfriend before me

    that's about it.

    I really never dated a super cute guy :(

    but anyways, I'm married now and my guy is OK. He has had 1 girlfriend before me and my friends think he is OK looking so I'm OK with him.

    • OK ;) thanks for the answer lol

      so just because he's cute your girlfriend might think he's hot?

    • cute as in ashton kutcher or james franco cute? yeah he's hot. hahah

    • whats so cute about them I thought girls just thought they were hot?

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  • Pros-

    Taller than me

    muscular build.

    dark extremely short hair.

    Military men are great :).

    Can make me laugh.

    Respect for women.

    plays an instrument.


    long hair


    Drinks-allot- moderately is okay

    Can't "man up" to his mistakes

    Foul mouth

    Is afraid of bugs

  • that he has a girl friend already.


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