Intense eye contact and I broke away? Offended?

This guy I talk to sporadically (He has a crush on me but we barely see each other) made this intense eye contact (no smiling or anything just intense eye contact from a couple feet away) after like 5 seconds I broke it and had to leave with a friend.

How would he interpret it?

2nd Question: What is taking so long to just ask for my number if he knows we barely see each other?


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  • sounds like you rejected need to try again and hopefully he's still interested...don't let too much time pass

    • What I'm supposed to do? I barely see him.

      Um what happens if too much time passes and he sees me again what would he probably do?

    • you need to know what you want before you know what you're supposed to do...either you want to be friends or you want to be more...there's no gray area...that's called pacing...and if you do go slow, you need to let him know that...don't drag his chain

      as for the time elapse, people fall in and out of love like the moment it's there and the next gone...if you see him next time, it might just be back friends until either or both of you are interested again

    • Hey the next day after your comment I seen him in the usual place but I couldn't really recognize/see his face so I walked past to see if he would say anything and stop me but he didn't and I realized it was him after he was leaving outt.

      it's been like a month after that and he hasn't been around where I usually see him (where he would go multiple times a month). Did he give up on me? I didn't even have a real chance.

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