Why does he keep looking at me?

So I'm in college and there's this cute boy that was in a lot of my classes last term. I never really got to talk to him but we bumped into each other A LOT (not just in class, but in the library, coffee shop, hallways).

This term, I don't have that many classes with him, but I've caught him looking at me a few times and I'm wondering what this means? The only way I can describe the expression on his face when I do catch him is "worry" or "anxiety". And I'm not really sure what to make of it because I was too much of a wuss and looked away way too quickly.

Thoughts? Help?
The reason I'm asking is because I think maybe he's creeped out that he keeps seeing me everywhere.


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  • Well if you live on campus and are both students it is inevitable that you will bump into him a lot. There are probably a lot of people that frequent the same places as you, but you guys have noticed each other out of the crowds of other students who wander around the same campus. I am a college student too, and I would say if he has noticed you, it is for a good reason, not a bad one. Next time you see him, maybe go up to him and re-introduce yourself, maybe make a joke about seeing him around a lot to ease the tension. Hope that helps, good luck!


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  • It means he really likes you and yes he has worry and anxiety and is not sure how you will react. If you are interested in him, talk to him (not saying you make the first move) but say hello and it will take away his anxiety.


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