Showing off and impressing girls?

I've been reading about how people who show off and try to impress others are actually "insecure deep down" and I want to get this part of my life handled if that's really true. I'm 18 and my whole life I've loved showing off (but not to the point where it annoys the hell out of everyone) and I love the idea of "showing people up when they have all doubt against you," I guess it somewhat fuels any motivation I may have. Also things like wearing "hype" clothing cause it makes me feel good and to "turn heads" and whatnot are also things I like to do which relates to showing off. I've really been trying to work on being better with girls, and if showing off really indicates insecurity and neediness, I'm sure they can detect that pretty easy and I'd like to get rid of it but I'm not sure exactly how I'm supposed to work on this area so any help would be appreciated.

oh, and please don't say "JUST STOP," like I haven't heard that before lol...


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  • There is a big difference between "showing off" and just looking your best because you never know when you might meet that special person. Showing off is never a good thing, and truth be told, if you continue to do that, you'll attract nothing but materialistic, self-centered, immature women with no brains. I'm 26 and trust me, I can't stand a show off of a man when I meet one! Women (with brains and taste) never want a man that THINKS they look better than they do,...I sure as hell don't. We want the whole package (well, most of it if possible). We want men who take care of themselves, manners, sensitivity and intelligence and the ability to connect with us on a higher level. We need the more important things, like a provider and protector. No egos allowed and it should NEVER be about clothing. Women will run far, far away from you,...and as fast as they can. Make a good impression, be yourself and just be real. Don't put on a front though your clothing...girls can't have a relationship with cotton and "dry clean only". Dress well, but don't put off the impression on people that you're too good to date them or that you are unapproachable because you look like you just stepped out of Rodeo Drive. Women might not be approching you because you've left them with the impression that you are of a "higher caliber", or status, you're too good for them. That puts a knife right though a woman's self esteem, and no woman wants that. Make us feel complimented by the fact that a well dressed, cultured, polite gentleman just walked up to us to ask us out for dinner!

    If you need anymore advice if I wasn't specific enough, feel free to message me! :)


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