I want to know does anyone know how to get rid of strech marks. I work out and there all over my arms.

There also on my back and there deep.


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  • it happened to me it's a genetic thing in my fam, so when I started to go threw a groth spurt I got them on my hips. I used murad it's about 70$ a bottle but it's magic! I got better results with that then I did when I got them removed with a lazer. it says to use 2 times a day but I only used it once a dad and it worked just fine, I noticed results withen a week.


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  • apply Tretin 0.05% on stretch marks 2 times a day preferably once before going to bed

    they should go within a month with regular application.

    To avoid them wear loose clothing while working out

  • Doing kegels might make your vagina tighter too white you're moisturizing your stretch marks

    • Classic! XD

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    • Yea I play football I work out I'm a firefighter I'm pretty Damn sure I can ask a question

    • LOL

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