I want to know does anyone know how to get rid of strech marks. I work out and there all over my arms.

There also on my back and there deep.


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  • it happened to me it's a genetic thing in my fam, so when I started to go threw a groth spurt I got them on my hips. I used murad it's about 70$ a bottle but it's magic! I got better results with that then I did when I got them removed with a lazer. it says to use 2 times a day but I only used it once a dad and it worked just fine, I noticed results withen a week.

    • Thank you

    • they are genetic?LOL

    • yes my dad's familey all are super skinny it's not like they have fat strech marks. THey all have it and it is genetic they went to the dermotolgist and they said it was a genetic thing

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  • apply Tretin 0.05% on stretch marks 2 times a day preferably once before going to bed

    they should go within a month with regular application.

    To avoid them wear loose clothing while working out

  • Doing kegels might make your vagina tighter too white you're moisturizing your stretch marks

    • Classic! XD

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    • Yea I play football I work out I'm a firefighter I'm pretty Damn sure I can ask a question

    • LOL

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