Is there any genuine site to buy cosplay outfits?

I don't want any products that aren't genuine, I’m looking for quality!


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  • or eBay are both OK. If you want to buy genuine cosplay outfits , then maybe they are alright if you choose merchandises' information warily.

    If you just want to buy cheap things, then you get what you pay for!


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  • unless you want to be a try hard you should make them on your own

    • Good suggestion, though on the other hand people generally don;t make their own clothing (though imagine if we did...lols).

    • you don't know much about cosplay do you? you make your own cosplay outfit, out of clothes, that means if you want, say a strawhat luffy hat you find a straw hat that looks similar and put some red fabric around, you don't actually make the hat yourself but you don't buy it in the store either other wise all the cosplayer would look exactly the same since most already go as the same char and it would just be stupid, anyway, I'm am getting way too passionate about cosplay I feel

  • awesome I wanna now the same thing lmao


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