This is really weird and embarassing, but ladies, do you ever get a funny smell when you wear certain bra?

Yes embarassing, but I gotta know...

I have big boobs, & I shower everyday & wash good, just 4 some reason sometimes get a strange smell, I wash my bras and I have good hygene, so idk, can I use deodorant? any suggestions please, and please don't be rude, Its embarassing, I know


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  • no, cause I wash my bras


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  • Maybe what you are talking about has something to do sort of having skin bound for a someone who has a cloth cast on their arm?And then when they remove it,it my smell different?Im not really sure.I don't have a lot of boobage going on...but it also may deal with perspiration. If you feel weird about it,i would recommend using a softner like downy in your clothes.Or a light body fragrance may help or a bit of baby powder.Hope this helps.:)

  • uhh No.

    But I guess if your nipples have milk in them and it gets on your bra then it can smell, but I don't know.

  • LOL. Wth?:S


    • Update:

      I don't know, maybe it happens because you sweat a lot.

      Yes in that case, I think it's essential to use deodorant.

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