How important is fashion?

Ladies how important is it for a guy to have the current fashion?

I currently wear t-shirts (most have some kind of graphic on them) and long-sleeve t-shirts when it gets cold, with pants in either khaki, grey, or red and sometimes blue or black jeans. My hair is long, and usually in a sholder-length pony tail, and I have a full beard going; speaking of which, I need a trim.


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  • no it doesn't matter much about fashion but if you have a ponytail AND a beard you better be an asian guy or look asian because long hair and beards are not cool. They never were sorry apart from asian guys because they look awesome with them. Some girls might like it because it has a grunge look but I'm not a fan of them

  • To me it's important. It's not the only thing, but a guy with great style it just says something! He has to look good and stay fresh.


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