Which hair color should I go with?

OK, I have provided you with pictures of myself to use as reference and the color I am considering. I don't care about it being flattering but I just can't make up my mind on which one I want. I really like having my hair odd and vibrant colors. I am getting my hair dyed in a salon as one of my birthday presents so it is not going to be a do it yourself job, though I'm getting good at those.

Recent photo of me: link

Where you can see part of my slightly faded blue streak: link

How my hair usually looks after getting it cut in the spring and letting it grow out: link

Purple: link

Just some red color I like: link

Dark red: link pictures 2 and 12

Orange-brown: link picture 3

( Not a Williams' fan just easy to find shades of red I like. on the site)
Oh, I have small streaks of orange through my hair that are kinda hard to see.


Most Helpful Guy

  • WOW, YOU'RE PRETTY! I like your hair natural, but colors would look awesome too! Some blue and/or red streaks would look cool, & so would some blond. No matter what, you'll look CUTE & HOT!

    • Thanks for the compliment. I haven't gotten any from guys in a long while.

    • Good! I'm glad I corrected that oversight...

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What Guys Said 1

  • 1,4, and 5 looks so similar. I say 1.

    • Actually, 1 is a more natural shade while you wouldn't find the other two naturally. But, I do agree 4 and five are almost the same thing with the latter being darker.

What Girls Said 3

  • On your hair's natural hair color I think your best bet would be Dark red that would look amazing but dnt get highlights get chunks that would look very pretty.. and if you wana mix some brown with that go ahead..

  • Purple

  • red would look so nice on you cause you've got blue eyes. LUCKY. but the purples nice too :)


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