Anyone got any tips on taming frizzy hair?

my daughter has the wildest hair, when she gets up in the morning it looks like a ball of candy floss on her head, she is 8 and her hair isn't very strong so I save the straighteners for special occasions as I don't want to damage it, I don't have a clue with how to deal with it apart from a ponytail lol I have tried various anti frizz treatments, can anyone recommend any good products or have any tips ? the blond candy floss look isn't a good look :(


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  • Aww, bless her! I have this problem and I'm 36, I've had the problem all my life so long before GHDs were available. I would say you're right and to leave the straighteners for special occasions, she's so young. She'll no doubt use them daily in a few years so best put that off as long as you can. ;) Okay, so shampoos with 'silicone' in are great, anything from Pantenne, the Aussie range is also brilliant. Leave in conditioners are a must, Pantenne do some good ones. Serum is also a must, Frizz Ease do a good one which I'm using. Also, if she can stand it, a blast of cold water after washing her hair closes the cuticles and makes the hair smoother.

    I hope this all helps a bit, I'm an authority on frizzy hair. lol


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  • You can always braid it, but aside from that there is moroccan oil which I heard works wonders for hair leaving it really smooth and\or there is bio silk which is also very good. Try using some oil on her hair like (olive, coconut, jojoba) and then brushing her hair with a boar bristle brush (it's supposed to leave hair smooth) and see if that works. But I'm sure after a couple of days the frizziness is supposed to be over or you can also put some oil on her hair and wrap it in a bun. Hope this helped.


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