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So I already have 2 tattoo's and I wanna get 3 more but only one of them will be easily visible (I want a little on my ankle) but the other 4 no one would be able to see (I already have one on my right side and one on my hip, the other two would be on the left side of my lower back and on my left side).

I know some guys really hate tattoos and think they're trashy but I was just wondering what people thought about having tattoos that aren't easily visible because I think it's kinda hot. I know a couple guys that I never would've guessed had tattoo's and I thought it was hot when I found out that they did. All my friends say that if they didn't already know I had tattoos they wouldn't guess that I had any and I just think it's fun when someone you wouldn't expect to have a tattoo or a piercing does.

I'm getting the other 3 tattoos regardless of the answers so if you think it's trashy to have tattoos thanks for sharing but I'm getting them anyway.


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  • If you want tatts to display something to others then putting them in private places isn't an obvious strategy.

    I suppose if you want to walk round with some sort of secret under your clothes they're harmless (a bit like a guy walking round in womens panties under his clothes).

    I've never undressed someone or seen them undress to reveal a private tatt and thought "man, isn't that hot" though.

    I sometimes think it's a shame when I see some celebs with good skin etc wearing less than usual to reveal a tatt I wasn't aware of, and think they've diminished something more beautiful that they started with.

    It's your body though. Do with it what makes you happy and doesn't hurt others.

    • tattoos never hurt anyone, the only people who don't like them are those that are too ignorant to think why someone may have gotten them in the first place

    • I just subjectively do not find them aesthetically attractive. I make no value judgement of the person wearing them.

      So share: why do people get them in the first place?

    • Well I have them in places where you can't see them because I plan to work in an office after I graduate and I know they're not gonna look good when I'm 60, why get them where I have to look at them all the time? I know they're there, I know they mean something to me, and while I'm young they mean something and look good and when I'm old I'll look at them and remember the same things even if they don't look that great anymore

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  • Tattoos are so cool and sexy on girls.

    At first I thought, invisible tattoos? What's the point?

    But the kind on the lower back I think are hot when and if you get a glimpse of them.

    I remember I had this ( female ) teacher for a while in high school who had a tattoo on the lower back and with her great ass I couldn't miss it. I complimented it once " Nice tattoo ", I've never seen a teacher blush like that!


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  • I have two concealable tattoos as well. People are always surprised to learn I have ink. I want more, I just don't know when I'll have the time or pain tolerance to get them done. Plus, I don't really want to go overboard because I have good skin and I don't want to obstruct that. And they're only "trashy" if you think they are. Yours is the only opinion that matters.


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