Asking a girl out in style?

So I'm going to ask this girl out and I was just wondering would it be better to make it really like romantic(or try to anyways) or just like ask it like a casual question and not make a big deal about it?


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  • well there are not many guys who like to make an effort to make something special , and I'm sure I would appreciate someone different, and not just a regular guy asking a regular question, I'm sure you would make a really good impresion and would have a way better chance to get a yes! sso I say go for it, just plan it ahead and make sure things come out right! GOOD LUCK! :D

  • depends on the girl

    • how so

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    • i don't think she's that super girly compared to other girls, but she's definitly not a tomboy

    • shes jsut a regular girl I guess

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