Ways to do smokey/mysterious eyes for Asian eyes without it looking like you're Asian?

Hey so I'm Asian but I hate looking Asian because my eyelids are all like inside? Lol my friends say I'm very pretty for an Asian and when we go to parties they encourage me to do smokey eyes but every time I try it makes my eyes... small and puffy looking. So is there a way to do smokey eyes for Asian eyes? Also since I have Asian eyes... the area below my eye don't stick out like Caucasians. So when I apply eyeliner or mascara the color would run or rub off onto the lower lash area. I use waterproof mascara and eyeliner but it still run. Is there a way to make my make up stay!? Lol


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  • "I'm very pretty for an Asian"

    I take offense to that being Asian myself. what a stupid thing to say. Asians are gorgeous

    • Not all. But I'm sorry

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EQCa-bNVOE

    ^^ that looks really good on her.

    to make your eye makup stay on maybe try a eye makeup primer? it just creates a smoother "canvas" and helps your makeup stay on for longer :)

  • you're asian. you hate looking asian. your friends tell you you're very pretty for an asian. damn girl be proud of who you are

    • Idk I'm weird. I'm like racist to myself... like if I could pick how I was gunna be born as I wouldn't pick asian... its just one of those things your born with

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