Can eyes reveal how someone feels about you?

what's your take on this? :)


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  • Amazingly enough they can. Not because any 'windows of the soul' crap, but because the pupils dilate when you look at someone you're interested in.

    • What does dilate mean?

    • It means that the pupils widen or become bigger.

    • So, that's why my eyes feel weird when I see a guy I like. I mean usually I don't feel my pupils get wider but it happens so quickly when I see a guy I like.

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  • My girlfriend says she ca read me like a book, and she is right about everything when it comes to how I look at her.

    When we were first going out, she was in my car playing with a knife that I had in the glove compartment, I looked at her hands making sure she wasn't goig to accidentally cut herself. When we stopped, she told me not to worry but kept that stare right into my eyes, I moved my eyes from her hands to her lips to her eyes and she started the kiss with me. Blew my mind and she's done it ever since then.

    • romantic but the knife part is creepy, why do you keep a knife in your car and why would she play with it? knives are meant to be in kitchens silly!

    • It's a combat utility knife, I drive in a bad area of Dallas alot, and she is with me a lot of the time, so I need something that I could at least try to defend her with.

      She was just looking at it, and running her fingers along the edge playfully.

  • When I squint and move my eyebrows up and down a few times, It means I want to bang you. Maybe I'll throw a wink in for effect.


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