Difficult time getting over her. Ideas?

Unfortunately we have to see each other a few times every week because of school. This is obviously making it very hard for me to move on. I've eliminated all contact outside of class aside from when it is necessary.

We were really good friends before I asked her out. From her behavior and words, it seems like she still wants to remain good friends. Because of this, it's easier to be honest/open with her (I already have been in the past).

Would one potential solution be to talk to her about how hard of a time I'm having (describing why)?


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  • i think she could get uncomfortable and drift apart if you tell her .. you should just be there as her friend, its gotta be hard but I've been I her shoes and this situation is really awkward.. if you keep having a hard time then you should tell her..

    • Hmm, okay. Thanks for the input. After I asked her, we sort of had a little talk. She told me that she didn't feel awkward and wasn't going to do anything to make it awkward. I think I've gotten past the awkwardness -- I can talk to her normally now. I guess along the lines of your advice, one course of action could be to see how it plays out in the next couple weeks... and if it's not getting any better talk to her.

    • yeah exactly just see how it goes .. if it doesn't get any better I think you should be honest .

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