James Bond v Batman ... who wins and how?

James get all his weapons

Batman gets all of his weapons

Batman has a better disguise, but James Bond doesn't hesitate to kill and that breaks Batmans code.

Batman has Robin and possible Alfred

James Bond has the British Secret Service until the time he dies.

At that point all knowledge of his existence is designed.

Alfred may secretly help bond as he is English. but no one knows for sure. Alfred is the wild card.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • The gadgetry is equivalent on both ends so they will cancel each other out with gadgets. I think it would go down to who the environment favored more. If Batman were operating under favorable conditions (being free to strike from the shadows in the dark, etc) then I think victory would go to him. Otherwise, it would go to James Bond.


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What Girls Said 2

  • James Bond, just because if no one throws up the Bat signal batman can't go into action. Also, James bond isn't scared to show his face but Batman has to live this double life with his gay sidekick robin... sorry I do think robin is gay a young man in a leotard and tights... but anyways, I think James Bond would def. kick Batmans ass because batman uses a lot of gadgets to win and James Bond uses only a gun and his hands... he always has really good style- nice watch, car, and clothing. JAMES BOND For The Win!

    • cough...gadgets... lol but other than that hahahha exactly! what is with that robin sh*t.

      batman can't kill and he never gets to f*** either ...unless ... maybe ... that's what robins for!

      bruce wayne gets yat. but then even bruce can't compete with bond on numbers or quality. lol.

      and james bond never has to worry about one night stands. he shags them and then they die. he is immune to std's. his d*** is like an apple mac. bond ftw hoo hooo!

    • ok fair enough james bond uses gadgets but batman is all gadgets and a leotard with briefs overtop of them... kinda awkward no guy should ever want to be the underwear king with a cape... and a "bat" hat.

    • good point he's probably a respressed homosexual and that dude needs therapy.

      bond don't need therapy. bond just needs women licker and bad guys to kill. :P

  • psh james bond.. batman wouldn't be sh*t with out his belt and his dope car.


What Guys Said 6

  • I don't remember the last time J.B. faced a serious kick ass villain like the Joker and Harley Quinn. Or Croc, or Bain, or Poison Ivy, or Mr. Freeze. Both have kick ass gadgets, sure Batman has relied on side kicks a little more... but that goes to prove how much more bad ass the villains are. Sure... Batman has a utility belt and wouldn't be much without it (minus the fact that he at least had the intelligence to create them...), but James Bond is only alive because his enemies can't aim when they shoot.. Seriously... how many movies have you sat there and told yourself... he definitely shoulda got shot at least once...

    Batman for sure.

    • meh bond villains were real. batman was fighting a load of nancy boys in drag.

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    • Real life sources, but its basically a bunch of super men combined into one man for the "super hero" affect. Its still fictional non the less, even if there is some realism involved. If that's the case, you might want to stick to a complete fictional character against another, like Batman vs Spiderman. And two fictional characters with some realism together, like James Bond and Walker Texas Ranger :-P

    • james bond v chuck norris...i like it :P

  • Batman wins, he's richer, he has all the cool gadgets, doesn't need to deal with some crappy agency controlling him, he still gets ass (and crazy psycho chick ass, that's clearly the best sex right?!), and ya. He's just far more bad ass. By the way, Robin doesn't exist.

    • crazy robin ass

      and he ain't richer than james bonds boss


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    • I never said America wasn't in debt. Every country is basically in debt these days. And no, the queen is a waste of space. She and the royal family hold no power. Why you stupid Brits get a hard on over her and the royal family is a wonder.

      Btw, Bruce Wayne owns basically the entirety of Gothem City and various other areas of the world. Wayne Industry is one of the largest, if not the largest, corporation in the world in the batman universe.

      Finally, get the stick outta your ass.

    • god your stupid. the queens a f***in ninja mate for doing the job she does.

      america is by far in worse debt than britain.

      us stupid brits. huh? go have a hamburger you sister f***in, bible thumping, highest infant mortality/aids rate/ obesity rate fat ignorant 1/3 own passports joke of the planet.

      bruce wayne don't own sh*t and if he ran into bond he'd gets f***in owned worse than I just owned you.

      now p*ss off

  • 007 hands down; he is Secret Service trained with a licence to kill; however, the literary Bond also had an aversion to killing in cold blood-the movies are somewhat different. Also lest we forget that Bond has the backing of the British government and all its staff, Q with his inventions and the like; by comparison Bruce Wayne only really has himself and his fortune.

    Further, Bond was knocking off sociopaths/psychopaths intent on world domination, pitting wits against SMERSH and SPECTRE-so that gives him the edge over Batman who by and large fought a cavalcade of cartoon characters; think about it- Blofeld or Joker; who's scarier in terms of their goals?

    I may be biased but I think 007 would win-albeit it'd be a very interesting and evenly poised scenario.

  • Given enough prep time, Batman will always win, regardless of any factors like weaponry and support networks. It's just how he does things; Bond mostly seems to make it up as he goes. Batman plans for ANY eventuality.

  • lets put it this way, james bond knows batman is bruce wane, and that he has a real life job, and I'm sure bond can use a sniper.

  • Master Chief! 8D

    • i googled it and I got a batman power ranger drawing. impressive but not technically allowed.

    • Well then I'll go with 007 since he's always getting both sides of the action, if you know what I mean. ;)

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