What style do you like in a girl the most?

okay so what style do you like in a girl the most? THANKS
  • Tomboy: The one who wears mostly jeans, t-shirts, and vans.
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  • Fashion Freak: The one who always has the newest trends. Different hairstyles everyday.
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  • Girly Girl: who wears dresses,mini skirts, makeup, jewlrey and matches clothes
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  • The one who wears nice clothes like jeans and shorts and pretty shirt, then on special days dresses and different clothes, but rarely more than jeans.
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guys please vote too, I know guys don't really care, but out of these vote what you like the best. Thanks!


Most Helpful Guy

  • wtf is wearing a van?

    I have no idea what to choose. Tomboy personality, girlie girl outfits would be nice? Except not much make up and not much jewelry? I guess that. It sounds like JUST a poll for appearance, so I guess girlie girl? But not all the time even. Arg... whatever they're comfortable with really is all that matters. But still prefer tomboy personality.


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What Guys Said 2

  • How is the first one a Tomboy? I pick, but I don't see it as a tomboy at all. Unless she's wearing non form fitting jeans and her shirt is form fitting either.

    • Also my favorite basic cute outfit is jeans, hoody, and some kind of normal shoes. Like converse,vans, skate shoes, etc.

  • Anything with a vagina is good.


What Girls Said 1

  • Having her own style! not just wearing like everyone else because it's FASHION! I like girls who stand out with their own style :)

    • Yeah I don't follow any trends or stuff I make my own styles, but I was just curious... Thanks!

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    • thxs. but also I wonder a quick question, do you think wearing something completely girlie just to make my guy friends go wow, what the hell did you do to yourself, because they like what I wear, do you think that would be cool?

    • well, it's nice to mix up different styles. one day girlie..other day sophisticated..the other tomboy..i don't know I like different styles. Don't mind what guys like..most imp. is how you feel about yourself..satisfy yourself! :)

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