A guy's style: Girls, what's the best and worst you've seen?

Make it recent. Provide details such as hairstyle, clothing, body language, etc. Also mention the age group (are you talking about teens, college students, or matured adults?).

Don't be afraid to describe the actual person; but of course, leave out names.

I am asking this question because I've seen some people who either don't care or simply cannot present themselves. At the same time I can hopefully find out if I'm doing anything wrong.


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  • I'm more matured adult, about 25 years old.

    Really bad dressed guy: He wears large giant sneakers since he was 12, and they look bigger than his head and makes him look like a clown. All his jeans have so many holes in them, it makes him look like he found it in the trash even though he paid more than $100 for them. HIs shirts all have colorful funny cartoon characters on them, and he smells like cigarrettes. EW He never brushes his teeth and he doesn't shower.

    Better looking guy: He wears stylish shoes, black pumas or converse all stars, his shoes do not take over his whole outfit as the most ugly thing. Shoes are important. All his jeans are professional and no holes, or doesn't look like he has been in a paint studio all week. His shirts are all dress shirts, in dark shades of dark gray, black or blue. The brushes his teeth and doesn't smoke.

    That's my opinion.


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  • Guy #1 (the worst)

    He's about 17 and his hair is long and obviously dyed the most fake black. He has red and blue streaks in it and it's dirty. He's really pale and pasty as if he hasn't seen the light of day in a while and his jeans squeeze his chicken legs all the way down to the ankle where his shoes are boat shoes that are checkered black and white. His shirt has a metal band on it with letters that look like blood and he's wearing a crucifix not because he's a Christian but because Jesus's death is now somehow 'stylish'. He holds a grungy jacket that's black and red striped. Ew, I want to throw up.

    Guy #2 (the best)

    This guy is about 20-22 with a muscular/athletic build. He's outside and smiling with a white v-neck tee and some light wash jeans that aren't too tight, but still show off his butt (Wranglers are awesome). He's wearing cowboy boots and has work gloves on his hands. Maybe a white or tan Stetson that brings out his tan? Or a black one that makes him look sexy and mysterious! <3 He wears a cross necklace because he's a Christian and he has his hair short, but long enough for me to run my fingers through it. He wears no make up and does not dye his hair. Of course, I like cowboys, so this one is really personal to me. If the guy were NOT a cowboy, it would be basically the same outfit minus the boots and hat. I just like casual guys that get their confidence from their hearts and not their appearance. Those guys are the best looking (:

  • I like a very casual style on a guy. It shows that he is confident about who he is, and doesn't need certain clothes to make him feel confident. So I really don't like jewelry (apart from a watch), weird hairstyles and hairproducts and anything which is just trying to be trendy.

  • Today I think the people from the Jersy shore have the worst style. I hate Snookies hair and I hate it when ever I see someone dressed like her, because her clothes are so skanky even at times where she could cover up a bit. I also hate guys with fake tans its stupid. The worst I have heard of was that my little sister saw her math teacher in a red speedo at the pool, and he is in his forties so that's really creepy.

  • Best -There's this girl I know at my school, I love all her outfits. Today it was skinny jeans, a long floral patterned blouse, with a black cardigan and flats. She has dark brunette wavey hair.

    Worst- I saw 5 guys wearing the same outfit, a jacket that made them look like they were going hunting, old jeans, old shoes, and a cowboy hat. This really wouldn't bother me, but the same people wear this same outfit all the time it's weird o-o

    They're all teenage :l

  • sportswear as casual wear. i definitely will never take a guy in a jersey, khakis, baseball cap, basketball shorts etc. seriously. men can look like a toilet stain while simultaneously demanding the most from women when it comes to appearance and we will never understand that

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