Why would you do this?

wear a guy's sweatshirt and send him a pic of it? I think it's sweet, and it seems to mean a lot?


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  • It does mean a lot:) this girl likes you and she wants you to know it! Haha or maybe she just really liked the sweatshirt ... Jk:) now. I think it's only fair if you send her a pic of you wearing her clothes now lol ha ha ;)

    • Lol, I don't have any of her clothes and it would just be weird and look wierd.xD They would.nt even fit.

      Care to explain how exactly it means a lot and the sentiment of it?

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    • would you only do something like that if you loved the person? And would you do it if you had a boyfriend?

    • Id do that even if you didn't love the guy.. Just like him. If I had a boyfriend? Hmm... That's a tricky one because it really depends on the girl and how serious their relationship is...

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  • My guess is she likes you and usually the guy shirts are like short dresses to girls so they do it to make themselves look hot. Which is not a bad thing. She's trying to impress u

    • ohh, so would that be why she's wearing a white tank top underneath?

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  • Awh that has to be one of my favorite things. Also a long white dress shirt with socks. Adorable!


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