Makeup color and brand suggestions?

I feel a need to learn to apply makeups occasionally, but I don't know where to start from.

I'm Asian with dark dark brown hair with brown eyes, not too slanted but round without double eyelids.

I always wear brown glasses that's thick-framed, and my skin is partially oily with hints of leftover acne from puberty on the chin area.

My skin is quite white (unfortunately, pale looking, not bright looking :[ ) so I don't want to get paler, but I don't want to look too dark from my original color, but I'm not sure what color will do.

I'm thinking of starting it off with just the eyeliner, foundation, and a blemish concealer. If you suggest any other item for a beginner, then please feel free to write them down please :]

Also I'm not sure what brands are good but affordable while paying tuition. I prefer not buying it online because of personal issues :[

Please suggest anything that comes to your mind that you think it's good, even if it's irrelevant to what I'm asking : color, style, or brand. Any kind of good tips would be good to a beginner :]


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  • Choose a foundation, concealer and powder that work for you. You may wish to stick to colors that have yellow undertones. (i.e Max Factor Matertouch in Beige) Look for pale apricot or pink blushes that match nicely with your naturally flushed color (i.e Rimmel Apricot 014). Play up your Asian heritage with your eyes. Use black eyeliners for definition. Eyeshadows you can wear any colour, you just have to work it with confidence, wear a lavender eyeshadow or a smokey purple. link

    Buy a eyeshadow colour palette and try different colours, choose the ones you think look best.

    as for you oily skin I would just use something like witchhazel, here we have a brand called witch, where you apply it whenever you want and it breaks up the oil on the skin as well as getting rid of spots :]



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  • The best makeup in the world is by mac. You can go to the store and they will help you find your shade of foundation and sometimes they apply it for you as well.

  • Max Factor is the best brand!


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