Why is that we girls spend our time getting pretty and guys don't notice?

We take extra time in the morning jus so our hair and makeup is perfect.Wear an extra pretty dress.And all we get is: "Hey nice boobs!" what's up wit that?


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  • There's a couple factors going on here.

    1. If you spend hours making yourself look pretty, every day, of course no guy is going to notice. People only notice CHANGE, so if you've been wearing the same thing, with the same makeup, for 10 years, unless you've never met the guy before, he probably isn't going to be enthralled.

    2. You're under 18, so the kind of guys you're meeting are probably pretty immature, as are you, by definition of age. Younger guys are usually a bit more, "BOOOOOOBS", than most.

    There are probably other reasons too, I just don't have the time to think of them all.

    If not being noticed for how hard you work at trying to make yourself look pretty really bothers you, just stop. Be yourself. You don't need makeup, you don't need super expensive dresses, and you don't need to spend hours on your hair.

    Just be casual. Wear what works, maybe a little bit of make up, and fix your hair enough so that it doesn't look like a monster. That way you'll be unique.


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  • it simple. you all do it. all girls get pretty to show their better than the other girls but then they do it to so it evens out. if you want to stand out then wear as little make up as you can and wear w/e you want to be comfortable. don't act like you don't care but show that you don't devote all your time to it.

  • Same thing happens with guys, some guy I knew would spend an hour making his hair in the morning and we wouldn't know the difference if he had spent 5 minutes or a hour making it, we don't pay that much attention to detail.

    Do you girls pay that much attention to detail when looking at guys or just the vague details?

    • Yes!

      we kind of have like little reports on every guy

      like one guy always has ah-mazing hair it's NEVER messed up and always looks uber sexy!

      then another guys' hair is always stickin up + crazy

      but we usually like other weird things

      like the guy I like's cheeks are always a cute rosy red, no matter what. it's really random

      but we notice more than their body

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    • Girl notice EVERYTHING normally but maybe not saying anything abou tit to you just there firiends (other girls)

    • Oh didn't know that, so do you even go down to the detail of a guys wardrobe and can you tell if a guys hair is naturally styled without any additives or styled with wax?

  • coz theyre not worth it

    there will be guys out there that will appreciate ur intire appearance

    try to even thigs out, if you just showing a lot go boobs and all they see is ur boobs

    u can be sexy without showing them you know


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